Bravecto safety scare

Bravecto, oral chews for tick and flea control in dogs, has been in the news lately with reports suggesting it is dangerous to animals. In response to queries from our clients, here are statements from Bravecto and from EberVet’s CEO veterinary surgeon Dr Hilldidge Beer:

Bravecto statement

Prior to its introduction, the safety of Bravecto was established through extensive research and real-world use programmes. Regulatory agencies throughout the world have reviewed the Bravecto research data and results and have approved its safety and use. Bravecto has been prescribed to more than 13 million dogs in 60 countries around the world, and the frequency of adverse event reports is rare (0.04%). The European Medicines Agency (EMA) defines rare as occurring in fewer than 10 in 10 000 (0.1%).  For Bravecto treated dogs, this figure was 4 in 10 000 (0.04%) of which most were gastro-intestinal signs like vomiting and diarrhoea.  This thus classifies Bravecto side effects as rare or very rare.

As a responsible animal health company, we take every report of a potential adverse event seriously and investigate thoroughly. All adverse events that are reported to us are sent to Global Pharmacovigilance and are filed with the FDA. Our veterinarians and scientists monitor adverse events regularly. If we believed that the reported adverse events warranted a change to the label in any given country, we would recommend such a change. Having examined the reported adverse events, we remain confident that the product is safe for use consistent with the label.

Dr Hilldidge Beer

“As founder and owner of the EberVet Petcare Group I would like to make it clear that we live by our tag line, ‘Pets, the family you choose’. As a Bravecto user on my two furry family members, Stoffel and Nonna, I do not hesitate to recommend the product to our clients’ pets. None of the so-called ‘reports’ of negative effects or deaths to pets using Bravecto have been substantiated by any scientific means. The only side effects your pet may suffer – and only in a very small percentage – would be a loose stool and maybe vomiting, but this is rare and will definitely not cause serious harm to your pet.  Please ask our Clinics or Vetshops’ staff should you require more information on Bravecto’s safety and they will email you the necessary.”