Pet groomers reach for the stars

The wonderful pet groomers at Country Pet Spa in Somerset West and Cottage Pet Spa in Gordon’s Bay recently graduated with top honours from the prestigious PawStar Grooming and Training School in Milnerton, Cape Town after six weeks’ intensive learning.

Our winning trio with trainer Jacqui van Dyk

Our heartiest congratulations to Monica Swarts, Thandi Christene Steenbok (both of Country Pet Spa) and Ivy Musekiwa (Cottage Vet Spa). Pawstar owner and trainer Jacqui van Dyk said the trio performed brilliantly, showing exactly the kind of dedication and innate understanding of animals that is needed to be a five-star groomer.

Thandi Steenbok of Country Pet Spa

“They all had some experience of grooming but the course – held every Saturday for six weeks – perfected their knowledge, especially around the various cuts different breeds have,” said Jacqui. The variety of cuts included Wire-haired Fox Terrier, Scottie, Poodles, Schnauzer, Airedale, a lion cut for a Chow, Yorkies and many, many more. Jacqui, who has been a groomer and trainer for 21 years, was full of praise for the ladies’ dedication and ability. “Monica was a little nervous at first but soon got her confidence and really blossomed. There was a totally transformation. She learned very quickly.”

Of Ivy, Jacqui said she was absolutely magical in her handling of animals. “She showed no fear in handling the dogs and treated them beautifully.”

Ivy Musekiwa at Cottage Pet Spa

Jacqui’s course included checking the animals for health issues, ears, eyes, skin, and nails. “This course was a refresher course as these ladies are already groomers,” said Jacqui, though she offers courses for total beginners too.

“I really learned a lot,” said Monica, “especially about how to look for health issues on a pet and to call the vet or owner if I suspect something isn’t right.” It is often only during grooming that potential health issues like lumps and bumps or skin conditions are noticed.

Monica Swarts of Country Pet Spa

“I also learned that animals can feel your mood; if you are relaxed, then they will be relaxed too. That really helps,” says Monica. Ivy, who has been with Cottage Pet Spa since 2017, was thrilled with the new cuts she had learned, particularly the lion cut. She has many clients requiring breed-specific cuts and the course has given her a wealth of new options.

To make an appointment for grooming, call Country Pet Spa on 021 851 7878 or Cottage Pet Spa on 021 856 2746.

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