Our vet will make house calls

Some pet owners find it difficult to get their pet to the vet. A too large dog, multiple kittens, an old cat that doesn’t like to be moved – these can be troublesome for pet owners yet they do need their vaccinations and regular checkups. That’s why Country Animal Clinic’s Dr Ingrid de Wet is now making house calls.

Every Tuesday from  09:00-12:30 Dr Ingrid will visit homes in the Somerset West area offering routine services such as vaccinations and chronic medication checkups. She will also accommodate euthanasia. Dr Ingrid is focusing on Somerset West only at first but we may expand this service if it proves popular with pet owners.

The house call on a Tuesday will be an additional R50 per visit. Emergency house calls on other days will attract the normal house call fee.

If you have a cat that needs seeing, it must be kept indoors for several hours before Dr Ingrid’s arrival.  Dogs must please be restrained when Dr Ingrid arrives and she must be told when you make your appointment whether or not the dog has an aggressive temperament.

“Wow! Ek raak sommer emosioneel Dit is so GROOT wat julle aan hierdie weerlose en kosbare diere gedoen het, maar ook die opvoeding van die mense wat nou die pad verder alleen met hul troeteldiere moet stap.”

EberVet Community Veterinary Care

Elmien Swanepoel

“Always willing to help, give advice and give a smile. Awesome service!”

EberVet Vetshops

Norah Hudson

“I am absolutely in love with them. What wonderful treatment from all at Ebervet. I have finally found a vet for life.”

EberVet Pet Clinic

Sharon Ramsay

“People who have a heart for animals. Caring, kind and competent. And they go out of their way to help the wider community. Always confident my fur kids are in good hands.”

Country Animal Clinic

Victoria Holford

When last did you hear the words “house-calls”? When my mom tells me to get into the car I am never sure if we are going on a nice outing or if it’s simply vet-time…. As soon as I step out of the car, my stress levels shoot through the roof. We are here… it’s vet-time clearly… You see I am completely blind, not familiar with my environment, overwhelmed by all the smells from my other buddies. All in all I simply panic and Mom has to drag me into the practice but guess what? Yesterday my Vet came to the house to check up on me, we did vaccinations, blood tests and all within the comfort of my own bed! Stress-free, a few treats and straight back to sleep thereafter… I highly recommend Country Animal Clinic – Housecalls are on Tuesdays and for R50 only more than a normal consultation, I love it! Even the cat seemed a bit jealous – Mrs Nathalie Perthel, Schonenberg Estate Facebook Page