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Monday to Friday – 09h00 to 18h00
Saturday – 09h00 to 13h00
Closed Sundays and public holidays

Consultations by appointment
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Closed: Sundays & public holidays

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100 Altena Road

 021 854 3275

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EberVet Pet Clinic

About the Clinic

EberVet Pet Clinic was established in 2015 by Dr Hilldidge Beer for middle income earners who cannot afford high end private health care for their pets yet also don’t qualify for welfare assistance.

Our primary focus is on preventive care like sterilisation, vaccination, nutrition, dental care and microchipping. We also devote considerable time and resources to sterilising and vaccinating welfare pets, working closely with animal welfare organisations in our area.

Our clinic is headed by Dr Esmare van der Walt, with assistance from Drs Susan and Bennie. We also offer some orthopaedic services, like cruciate repair, and have x-ray facilities on site.


If your pet gets the right nutrition, exercise, and its basic health needs met, it has fewer illnesses requiring expensive veterinary intervention later on.


Parasite Control
Dental Services

Spays and castrations to protect against unwanted litters and diseases like mammary tumours, uterine infections and cancers.



We vaccinate against highly contagious diseases like parvovirus and distemper and offer the full range of kitten and puppy vaccines.



A quick and painless procedure that helps find your pet if he or she strays.



Treatment to get rid of ticks and fleas, and deworming.



The right type of food can prevent many ailments like skin and food allergies, developmental abnormalities like hip dysplasia, and nutritional deficiencies like rickets. Specialised foods that are prescribed and sold at the clinic target existing ailments like heart and kidney conditions and arthritis.



Include free dental checks, scaling, polishing and extractions.


Our team

Dr Bennie Grobler

Small animal surgery is his passion which makes Dr Bennie a most welcome member of our team. After 11 years in a one-man mixed practice in Beaufort West, Dr Bennie…

Dr Hilldidge Beer

Dr Hilldidge
Dr Hilldidge Beer has been a veterinarian in the Helderberg area since 1991 and is currently the owner of two EberVet veterinary clinics, eight EberVet Vetshops and a pet spa.…

Dr Esmaré van der Walt

Dr Esmare
You have to be a real animal lover to move house with three dogs and three cats but then being a veterinarian, animals are her passion so Dr Esmaré van…

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