Rabbit virus contagious and deadly

Rabbit owners are urged to keep a close eye on their pets for signs of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD), a highly contagious disease that has appeared in the Western Cape and other parts of South Africa for the first time. This is a deadly disease that is usually transmitted by direct contact with another rabbit. […]

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Snakes in your garden

By Johan Marais of the African Snakebite Institute Snakes in your garden or home are a very real possibility as temperatures rise. Temperature increases at the start of Spring are a cue for snakes to start moving and feeding. Many species will also start the mating season in Spring so that their eggs can hatch […]

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Raw food diets and your pets

Raw food diets, whether home made or manufactured, have become increasingly popular among pet owners shying away from store bought kibble and the risk of preservatives. But how safe is it to feed raw food to your pet and if you do, what precautions do you need to take to ensure your pet is getting […]

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CBD as medicine for pets

CBD as medicine for pets is becoming increasingly popular. While CBD-based products are all the rage, each one claiming more benefits than the other, veterinarians are asking pet owners to tread with caution. As yet there are very limited studies around CBD use in animals (including its side effects) and no regulation as to its […]

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Covid and pets: what you need to know

Covid and your pets is in the news again, with many pet owners worried that they may ‘catch’ Covid from their dogs or cats. Our vets would like to put your minds at ease. Firstly, there have been very few cases of Covid transmission involving pets and these have all been from owners to pets, […]

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Rescuing a baby bird is not always a good idea

Rescuing a baby bird that has fallen from its nest seems like an obvious thing to do but it may not be the smartest thing, and the baby’s chances of survival are minimal. What we should be doing, says veterinarian Dr Jean Russell, is leaving them where we find them. Here’s why: Rescuing a baby […]

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Mandela Day 2020 exceeds expectations

Mandela Day 2020 was the fourth mass sterilisation outreach clinic hosted by EberVet Community Veterinary Care but this year it went far beyond our expectations.   When we set our target for the day, we hoped to sterilise 67 dogs and cats from Nomzamo/Lwandle but, thanks to the enthusiasm of our vets and their support […]

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Microchipping saves the day

Microchipping is a quick and easy, painless and relatively cheap procedure yet there are still pet owners who neglect to have it done, or are reluctant to do it. Here’s a story that should convince you of its benefits. Microchipping: how it saved this cat’s life Ten months ago, Alet Willers had her prized Maine […]

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Country Animal Clinic reopens

Country Animal Clinic reopens on Saturday, June 27 after a week’s closure due to a staff member testing positive for COVID-19. Here is a statement from senior veterinarian, Dr Ingrid de Wet: “We have been following the guidelines for essential workers exposed to a COVID-positive person and our staff have been given the all-clear to […]

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Ebervet Training Academy aids animal welfare

EberVet Training Academy’s Sister Hilda Mills held a two-day training camp in Oudtshoorn in mid-March for 11 animal welfare volunteers who work in three towns in the Karoo. The EberVet Training Academy supports animal welfare organisations by offering on-site training to welfare volunteers working on the frontline. The Oudtshoorn camp was initiated by Vanessa Engelbrecht […]

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