Raw food diets and your pets

Raw food diets, whether home made or manufactured, have become increasingly popular among pet owners shying away from store bought kibble and the risk of preservatives. But how safe is it to feed raw food to your pet and if you do, what precautions do you need to take to ensure your pet is getting […]

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Important questions to ask your vet

Responsible pet owners generally ensure their pets get to the vet once a year for their annual checkup but in the rush to get there, sometimes we forget those important questions we should be asking or we feel too shy. However, a good vet will welcome your questions as it shows that you are concerned […]

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Overweight pets suffer serious health risks

Overweight pets are increasingly common the world over, and in South Africa. Why? Because most pet owners show their love for their pets by overfeeding or handing out treats. So much so that obesity in dogs and cats has become the number one health problem experienced by pets. Unfortunately, few pet owners are consciously aware […]

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What you feed your pets impacts their health

What you feed your pets is not a decision to be made lightly, because what they put into their tummies now will impact their health in the future. The goal is to feed well so they live well. We get that belts are tighter now more than ever and that pet food can take a […]

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Bladder stones in pets

Bladder stones in pets is an extremely painful condition which can lead to a life-threatening emergency if not treated urgently. It is often caused by the pet’s diet, or by a urinary tract infection. What are bladder stones? Bladder stones are aggregates or clumps of many small crystals in the bladder that form due to […]

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Feeding bones to dogs is not a good idea

Feeding bones to dogs has been depicted as perfectly natural for as long as any of us can remember. Whether dogs are the stars in cartoons, children’s stories or nursery rhymes there is usually a bone in their mouth or at their sides. However, what we’ve learned thanks to modern medical science is that feeding […]

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Exercise is essential for pets

Exercise may seem like something pets do naturally but the truth is, like us, even dogs and cats can become inactive and lazy if not encouraged to get up and move. Coupled with high calorie snacking, this makes them susceptible to a range of series diseases like diabetes and joint ailments. About half of the pets […]

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Feeding cats to make them happy and healthy

Feeding cats isn’t simply throwing food into a bowl twice a day and letting them get on with it. What we feed our cats is very important, but so is how we feed them. How we feed our cats can affect them physically and emotionally. All cats are carnivores (meat eaters), so they have a […]

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How to keep your pet’s weight under control

How to keep your pet’s weight under control is easier than you may think. However, before tackling your pet’s diet, you’ll need to tackle your own perception of what ‘overweight’ is because it’s a fact that 9 out of 10 of pet owners don’t see their pets as overweight while the reality is that more than […]

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