Wet food or dry food for cats?

Wet food in a tear open pouch is to my cat what a sushi platter is to me. Pure heaven. But since all the advertisements out there tell me my cat only needs dry food - and my boy has put on far too much weight lately - I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't be changing...

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Raw food diets and your pets

Raw food diets, whether home made or manufactured, have become increasingly popular among pet owners shying away from store bought kibble and the risk of preservatives. But how safe is it to feed raw food to your pet and if you do, what precautions do you need to take...

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Overweight pets suffer serious health risks

Overweight pets are increasingly common the world over, and in South Africa. Why? Because most pet owners show their love for their pets by overfeeding or handing out treats. So much so that obesity in dogs and cats has become the number one health problem experienced...

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Raw food diets for pets: the pros and cons

Raw food diets may be all the rage but are they good for our pets? We live in an age of intense nutritional awareness with more of us than ever before trying to make informed choices about what we eat in order to stay healthy and live longer. Given that our pets are...

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