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Tick bite fever and your dog

Tick bite fever causes disease and death in thousands of dogs in South Africa. It poses a serious danger to dogs all year round and should never be ignored. Ticks are carriers of multiple diseases like ehrlichia (tick bite fever) and biliary (tick fever / babesia) . Ehrlichia is caused by a blood parasite called Ehrlichia […]

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Ticks don’t go into lockdown

Ticks don’t go into lockdown. They ignore the fact that you can’t walk your dog by infecting your garden. Haven’t seen any? You probably won’t. Ticks are masters are tucking themselves into tiny spaces – until your dog comes by. Unfortunately, one of the first habits we’re likely to break during lockdown is regularly applying […]

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Tick and flea control: a Bravecto update

This report was recently issued by the *European Medicines Agency: Tick and flea control agent Bravecto continues to be acceptably safe to use. Bravecto, a medicine that treats tick and flea infestations in dogs and cats, continues to have an acceptable safety profile. However, the company that markets the product will have to update the […]

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Winter is the best time to fight fleas

Most pet owners believe that ticks and fleas are summer pests but that’s not true. Ticks can survive temperatures as low as 7 deg C. Fleas will stay active throughout winter unless temperatures fall below 1 deg C and stay there for a sustained period. Heaters, air conditioners and winter rainfall in coastal areas further […]

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Warmer weather brings ticks

Pet owners are warned to be especially vigilant as the weather warms and tick and flea infestations occur. Ticks carry the potentially lethal disease, biliary, so the sooner you protect your pet the better. Here’s what to do: Know your enemy City and suburban pet owners make the common error of believing their pets won’t […]

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Tick bite fever alert!

The Western Cape is currently experiencing an infestation of ticks, and several cases of deadly biliary in dogs is being reported. Protect your pets against this potentially lethal disease by following our advice on biliary treatment and tick and flea protection for your dogs and cats. Ticks live in cities too! City and suburban pet […]

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Department of Health COVID-19 updates available at

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