Blood disorders

My pet is always thirsty: what’s the problem?

My pet is always thirsty. She drinks wherever she finds water, even from the pond and my glass. If dogs or cats are emptying their water bowls quickly or searching for water at places they don’t usually, such as the swimming pool or outside pond, they are most likely experiencing ‘polydipsia’ or excessive thirst. This […]

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Diabetes in cats: what you need to know

Diabetes in cats (diabetes mellitus) has become an increasingly common condition. It often occurs in cats that are overweight and/or older. As in humans, cats have a pancreas that should produce insulin to regulate the sugar (glucose) in their bodies from their diet. Diabetes in cats occurs when the feline body is not able to […]

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Warning signs your pet’s not healthy (or happy)

Warning signs of pain and discomfort aren’t always easy to spot in our pets. Though they are sentient beings that experience the same discomforts we do; cold, heat, hunger and pain they hide their pain far more effectively than humans. That’s because in the wild, an ill or injured animal is vulnerable to attack, so […]

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Litter tray misses: what your cat’s telling you

Litter tray misses can be frustrating and unpleasant for the cat owner who has to clean up after their cat but for the cat, it could be even worse. Messing outside the litter tray could be a cat’s call for help. Diabetes, early kidney failure, and other health problems can be the cause of your […]

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Living with Feline Leukaemia: a guide for cat owners

Mention the words ‘Feline Leukaemia’ to any cat owner and you’ll see instant panic on their faces.  For many owners, this disease spells ‘early death’ for their beloved felines. However, cat specialist veterinarian Dr Glenn Olah, says with proper management by the owner and healthcare from the veterinary team, cats with this retrovirus can live […]

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Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) – what you need to know

Many cat owners fear feline leukemia virus (FeLV) but what is it? How do cats catch it? How best can you protect your cat? Here’s our expert veterinarian advice… What is feline leukaemia?  Feline leukaemia infects cats around the world. Between 2-4 % of cats test positive, though the incidence is probably much higher as only a […]

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Protecting your cat from feline leukaemia virus

Feline leukaemia virus is widespread in South Africa and cats infected with it are predisposed to other illnesses and infections that could kill them. They’re also a danger to other cats. Here’s what you need to know to protect your cat: What is feline leukaemia virus (FeLV)? Feline leukaemia is a virus that infects only cats. […]

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