Cones of shame: how to make them less scary

Cones of shame are an inevitable part of your pet’s life. At some point they’ll come home from a vet visit wearing one. Most pets don’t like them or are afraid of them. Some will try anything to remove them. The quicker you get your pet used to wearing one, the less stressful his/her next […]

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Anxiety in dogs: what you need to know

Anxiety in dogs is more common than we think.  Though there has been a huge upsurge in mental health awareness in humans (especially because of Covid), as vets we see many cases of anxiety and other mental health conditions in dogs that owners haven’t detected. Few appreciate that there is treatment available for anxious pets […]

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Moving house with your pets

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences a family can go through, and even more so when pets are involved. Here’s what to do to keep stress to a minimum to ensure a smooth transition for your dogs and cats. Moving house: before leaving your old home 1 Microchip! Moving house creates the […]

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CBD as medicine for pets

CBD as medicine for pets is becoming increasingly popular. While CBD-based products are all the rage, each one claiming more benefits than the other, veterinarians are asking pet owners to tread with caution. As yet there are very limited studies around CBD use in animals (including its side effects) and no regulation as to its […]

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Covid and pets: what you need to know

Covid and your pets is in the news again, with many pet owners worried that they may ‘catch’ Covid from their dogs or cats. Our vets would like to put your minds at ease. Firstly, there have been very few cases of Covid transmission involving pets and these have all been from owners to pets, […]

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Dog fights: what to do to help your dog

Dog fights must be one of the most frightening things for any dog owner to encounter. Whether it occurs in a doggy park or at your own home, dog owners caught up in the anxiety of the moment seldom know the right course of action to take. Dr Susan of Ebervet Pet Clinic says sometimes […]

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Why cats love being high up

Why cats love being high up is a mystery to most cat owners but offer a cat a countertop, a shelf or a table to jump onto and you can be sure they’ll do it.  Cats love to be up high! But why? Why cats love being high up It’s instinct. Cats make use of […]

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Feline herpes virus and your cat

Feline herpes virus (FHV, FHV-1) is one of the most common causes of acute upper respiratory tract infections (Snuffles) in cats. The virus is highly contagious and is easily transmitted between cats. This occurs through direct contact with saliva, eye and nasal secretions. Inhalation of sneeze droplets and sharing of food bowls or litter trays […]

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