Urinary tract

What you feed your pets impacts their health

What you feed your pets is not a decision to be made lightly, because what they put into their tummies now will impact their health in the future. The goal is to feed well so they live well. We get that belts are tighter now more than ever and that pet food can take a […]

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Kidney stones in dogs and cats

Kidney stones in dogs and cats are not commonly encountered but they are important to diagnose as they can have a significant impact on a pet’s life. One of the main functions of the kidney is to filter waste products such as mineral salts and toxins.  These products are then excreted in the urine. Under […]

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Cats’ peeing in unusual places

Cats’ peeing in unusual places is a clear sign that something’s wrong because cats are, by nature, fastidious about their toilet. If your cat is suddenly peeing on your bed, in the shower, or somewhere else unusual and had stopped using the litter box, she’s telling you there’s a problem. Cats’ peeing in unusual places: […]

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Bladder stones in pets

Bladder stones in pets is an extremely painful condition which can lead to a life-threatening emergency if not treated urgently. It is often caused by the pet’s diet, or by a urinary tract infection. What are bladder stones? Bladder stones are aggregates or clumps of many small crystals in the bladder that form due to […]

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My pet is always thirsty: what’s the problem?

My pet is always thirsty. She drinks wherever she finds water, even from the pond and my glass. If dogs or cats are emptying their water bowls quickly or searching for water at places they don’t usually, such as the swimming pool or outside pond, they are most likely experiencing ‘polydipsia’ or excessive thirst. This […]

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Older dogs need regular vet checks

Older dogs, like people, begin to suffer a range of illnesses as they age. Many  of these ailments aren’t detected until they are far advanced which means treatment is probably going to cost a lot and success is not guaranteed. That’s why veterinarians the world over encourage owners of older dogs to plan for regular […]

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Warning signs your pet’s not healthy (or happy)

Warning signs of pain and discomfort aren’t always easy to spot in our pets. Though they are sentient beings that experience the same discomforts we do; cold, heat, hunger and pain they hide their pain far more effectively than humans. That’s because in the wild, an ill or injured animal is vulnerable to attack, so […]

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Undescended testicles endanger your pet’s health

Undescended testicles are not something pet owners routinely search for. Yet if left where they are, they can pose serious health problems. Take the case of Squeek Cunnington, a 15 year old Jack Russell, who presented at our Country Animal Clinic in Somerset West with a large mass in his abdomen. The mass, said  his […]

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