Ear infections in dogs

Ear infections in dogs are a common ailment in South Africa, especially in summer when many dogs like to swim. Labradors and spaniels (water-loving dogs) are most vulnerable. Water in the ears is a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.


dogs that love to swim are particularly vulnerable to ear infections

Dogs that love to swim are particularly vulnerable to ear infections

Signs and symptoms

Common signs of ear infections are ear scratching and head shaking.  The ear may also be painful to the touch.  Infected ears are often red and may have a brown discharge.


Treatment depends on diagnosis. It is essential that you DON’T try to treat an ear infection at home but get your pet to the vet for a thorough checkup. “We will always have a look into the ear canal and take an ear smear to determine what is the cause of infection,” says Country Animal Clinic veterinarian Dr Ebeneze Ginsberg. “We will usually prescribe an ear cleaning solution and an appropriate antibiotic ear drop.

“I always demonstrate to clients how to do a proper ear clean as that is a big part of the treatment plan. In some cases (rarely), systemic antibiotics will be necessary. ”

NEVER EVER put home remedies or some of the concoctions you may find on the internet such as olive oil or hydrogen peroxide into your dog’s ears as these will do much MORE HARM than good.