Cognitive dysfunction in dogs

Cognitive dysfunction in dogs is one of the many challenges they may face as they age. Nicknamed ‘dogzheimers’, canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) causes dogs to become confused, disorientated, anxious and even incontinent. It should not be ignored by pet owners simply as a pet’s natural ageing process as it can manifest in anxiety and poor […]

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The risk of rabies: why we need to be alarmed

The risk of rabies in South Africa is particularly high. It is endemic in our country. Rabies is the deadliest disease on earth. It’s fatality rate is 99.9%, with more than 95% of deaths occuring in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Dogs, and not farm animals as we like to believe, pose the greatest risk […]

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How to cope with pet emergencies

Pet emergencies can be terrifying for pet owners because very few of us know what to do when they happen. Instead, we panic and in our distress, fail to take action fast enough. What is essential is that you get your pet to the vet as soon as you can, and call ahead if possible […]

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My pet is having a seizure. What should I do?

For any dog owner, witnessing your beloved pet having a seizure or fitting episode can be a terrifying experience. Seizures or fits are the result of disease and your veterinarian will need to run several tests on your dog to determine the cause. “The most important thing you can do as an owner is not […]

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Seizures and epilepsy in pets

By Dr Ingrid de Wet Nothing can be more scary than seeing a beloved pet have a seizure. Seizures usually come out of the blue and one feels utterly helpless as the minutes tick by. Today, we’re going to discuss what causes seizures and what to do when your pet has one. What is a […]

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