Household poisons dangerous to dogs: our top 5

Household poisons can be useful for a variety of household pests and problems but they can also be deadly to pets. It is important to know what the risks are before introducing them into your home; and to know what to do if your pet accidentally ingests one. Household poisons: our top 5 1. Household […]

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Snail bait poisoning in dogs

Snail bait poisoning (Metaldehyde poisoning) in dogs can lead to respiratory failure and death if not treated urgently. For most of us Spring brings pure joy; warmer weather and new growth everywhere. But, as buds and bulbs spring into action, so do snails and slugs and in an effort to stop these pests from eating […]

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My pet has diarrhoea: what should I do?

My pet has diarrhoea. Should I see my vet? Vomiting and diarrhoea are common symptoms and are not diseases in themselves, but are symptoms of underlying disease. It is important to look at the pet and the other symptoms in order to make a diagnosis and choose the correct treatment. My pet has diarrhoea: what […]

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Bladder stones in pets

Bladder stones in pets is an extremely painful condition which can lead to a life-threatening emergency if not treated urgently. It is often caused by the pet’s diet, or by a urinary tract infection. What are bladder stones? Bladder stones are aggregates or clumps of many small crystals in the bladder that form due to […]

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7 common pet poisons to watch out for

Poison is not necessarily labelled ‘danger’ or marked with an ‘x’. In fact, many of the poisons that are most dangerous to pets are common household items like human medication and plants. If your pet starts drooling, frothing, convulsing, vomiting, crying, has difficulty breathing, won’t eat, stumbles or has pale gums, get him or her […]

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Xylitol is deadly to dogs

Xylitol is a sugar substitute found in many foods. It is deadly to dogs. Always check labels, and keep items containing xylitol out of your dog’s reach. If you’ve ever owned a puppy you’ll know that anything that isn’t kept out of his reach will be chewed or eaten. Puppies love to exercise their teeth; […]

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Winter hazards for pets: what to look out for

Winter hazards are everywhere; from plummeting temperatures to heating appliances that may cause burns. Pet owners need to be vigilant, especially with sudden cold snaps. Our friends at Rogz Pet Insurance have identified the following dangers for pet parents to watch out for: 1 Cold Temperatures. Pets can succumb to frost bite or hypothermia in […]

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How to cope with pet emergencies

Pet emergencies can be terrifying for pet owners because very few of us know what to do when they happen. Instead, we panic and in our distress, fail to take action fast enough. What is essential is that you get your pet to the vet as soon as you can, and call ahead if possible […]

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Common household items that are poisonous to pets

Common household items that are poisonous to pets include everything from foodstuffs to vitamins. These are the top 10 items you need to keep out of your pet’s reach. Chocolate Chocolate tops the list—and for good reason! Chocolate is prevalent in our homes, and unfortunately, just as popular with dogs as it is with us. […]

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