Rescuing a baby bird is not always a good idea

Rescuing a baby bird that has fallen from its nest seems like an obvious thing to do but it may not be the smartest thing, and the baby’s chances of survival are minimal. What we should be doing, says veterinarian Dr Jean Russell, is leaving them where we find them. Here’s why: Rescuing a baby […]

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Why your bird’s pulling out his feathers

Your bird’s pulling out his feathers but you don’t know why. Feather pulling or picking is a common and frustrating problem in birds.   Some just nibble the ends of their breast feathers, while others tear their skin, creating large open sores. Any bird can feather pick, but psittacines, such as parrots and parakeets, are the […]

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Welcoming home a new bird

When welcoming a new bird into your home you’ll want to make sure his environment is as safe, comfortable and stimulating as possible. Follow these tips for a happy, healthy feathered friend: Create a comfy haven for your bird A roomy cage where he can stretch his wings is essential. Avoid tall, narrow cages which […]

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Birds as pets need special care

Birds make great companions for young and old. However, it is essential that prospective owners properly research bird care before buying a bird. Birds need just as much care and attention as puppies or kittens; and they can cost money. Although a bird’s diet depends on the species, life history and how they’re housed, it […]

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Bird flu: is your parrot or budgie at risk?

The bird flu outbreak that has hit the Western Cape has been characterised as ‘severe’ by health authorities but infections so far are confined to chickens, domestic geese, ostriches and wild birds. As of September 7, 2017 no domestic pet birds were reported to have been stricken by the disease. No human infections have been reported […]

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