Pregnancy in pets: what you need to know

Pregnancy in pets necessitates special care and attention, and additional veterinary visits. Here’s our vet’s guide to how to care for a pregnant pet, and her puppies or kittens: Pregnancy basics DOGS go on heat from the age of 7-9 months for 2-3 weeks. They are fertile in the last week of the heat. Their […]

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Venereal tumours: another important reason to sterilise your dog

Sexually transmitted diseases are not something one naturally associates with animals but venereal tumours do unfortunately occur all too often in South Africa. Transmissible venereal tumour, or TVT, is a naturally occurring tumour that is sexually transmitted from one dog to another. It is also transmitted via licking or sniffing of an affected area. It […]

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Undescended testicles endanger your pet’s health

Undescended testicles are not something pet owners routinely search for. Yet if left where they are, they can pose serious health problems. Take the case of Squeek Cunnington, a 15 year old Jack Russell, who presented at our Country Animal Clinic in Somerset West with a large mass in his abdomen. The mass, said  his […]

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Sterilisation could save your pet’s life

Sterilisation is not something that dog owner Lloyd Schmidt ever considered for his German Shepherd, Helga. “I was brought up to believe you leave the dog as it is; as nature intended, and that you don’t sterilise,” he says, “especially as the dog never got out and was protected from other dogs.” Then Helga became […]

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Testicular cancer in dogs: how to prevent it

Testicular cancer is relatively common in older dogs that have not been sterilised. It presents as a tumour. Though it is more common in older dogs it can occur in unsterilised males of any age, and in all breeds. The current cause of testicular tumours is unknown. Dogs that have one or both testicles that are not descended (what […]

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Sterilising your pets is better for their health

Sterilising a pet before she’s had her first litter may seem to some pet owners to be cruel but in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Spaying your pet not only stops her having babies, it also protects her against deadly diseases like cancer, feline HIV and leukaemia. Unfortunately, there are still many pet owners who believe that […]

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