Grieving over a pet? We’re here to help

Grieving is something every one of us will experience in our lifetime, whether through the loss of a family member, friend or pet. Yet many of us are surprised by the depth of our grief when a pet dies. We knew it was coming (we generally outlive our pets) but now...

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Blood donor dogs save lives

Blood donor dogs are the heroes in our clinics. Like humans, some dogs are able to donate blood and those that do save dozens of lives each year. But, as with humans too, not every dog can donate. We're looking for blood donors for our clinics. If you're interested in...

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Rescue kitten leaves legacy

Rescue kitten Snoopy was a tiny, helpless, 10-day-old bundle found in the middle of a busy road but a decade later when this defenceless little creature crossed the rainbow bridge, she left an important legacy for her adoptive parents. Somerset West resident and...

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Behaviour changes in senior dogs

Behaviour changes in senior dogs are usually as a result of age-related diseases. These diseases include arthritis, dental disease, cancer, diabetes, and other endocrine diseases. Additionally, dogs can develop canine cognitive dysfunction, a syndrome that is similar...

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Rabies: what you need to know now

Rabies kills more than 60 000 people a year worldwide with more than 95% of deaths occurring in Africa, and is endemic to South Africa. It is 100% fatal but also 100% preventable through vaccination. It has the highest case-fatality rate of any infectious disease...

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Moving house with your pets

Moving house is one of the most stressful experiences a family can go through, and even more so when pets are involved. Here's what to do to keep stress to a minimum to ensure a smooth transition for your dogs and cats. Moving house: before leaving your old home 1...

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Snakebites and pets: info for pet owners

Snakebites are common in South Africa and many dogs are bitten because they will attack a snake. Most dogs don’t understand that snakes can be deadly and will either attack a snake or at the very least try to sniff it or poke their nose down its hole. Snakes strike...

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Noise phobias and your dog

Noise phobias, especially of storms or fireworks, are common in dogs. These dogs will act out by hiding, pacing, panting, trembling, peeing, pooping, drooling, and destroying things. Some dogs will even take it to the extreme of hurting themselves jumping through...

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Eye contact with your pet is important

Eye contact teaches your dog to focus attention on you and check in with you regularly. When you teach your dog to look you in the eye, you're making you more interesting than his environment and are therefore more easily able to control his behaviour, especially when...

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Kitten-proofing your home

Kitten-proofing your home before welcoming the new baby into your family is essential to prevent potentially fatal accidents. Here's what to look out for: Kitten-proofing checklist Check for these safety hazards and take the proper steps to make your home safe for...

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