Mange, a parasitic skin disease in dogs

Mange, a parasitic skin disease in dogs,  is one of the itchiest skin conditions in animals. There are two main parasites responsible – Demodex and Sarcops – and there are slight differences in the way they are diagnosed and treated. Mange: how to identify it The two main signs that a dog may have mange […]

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Food allergies in pets: what you should know

Food allergies in pets account for about 10% of cases seen by veterinary practices yet allergies overall make up a significant percentage of the patients we see. Food allergies are often misunderstood. Here are some the myths we encounter as vets: Food allergies in pets: the myths Myth no 1: Dogs are allergic to brands […]

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Itchy dogs get new treatment

Itchy dogs drive pet owners crazy. It is one of the most common complaints seen by veterinarians. Finding the right solution for your pet’s itching can be time consuming and expensive, and pet owners often spend a lot of money and time trying to solve the problem on their own before visiting a vet. Itchy […]

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Licking obsessively: why your dog does it

Licking obsessively, and usually in the same spot over and over again, causes what is known as acral lick granuloma. This condition is also known as acral lick dermatitis. ‘Acral’ means belonging to the extremities. It typically forms on the front part of the lower legs in dogs. Cats can also suffer from this condition […]

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Yeast infections in dogs: what to look out for

Yeast infections in dogs are quite common and can occur anywhere on the skin,  including the ears.  A yeast infection happens when there’s an excessive amount of yeast in a certain area but they are usually are caused by an underlying issue; anything that diminishes the normal defences in the skin can make yeast infections […]

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What you feed your pets impacts their health

What you feed your pets is not a decision to be made lightly, because what they put into their tummies now will impact their health in the future. The goal is to feed well so they live well. We get that belts are tighter now more than ever and that pet food can take a […]

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Pets and sunburn: a real risk

Pets can’t get sunburn because they have fur, right? Wrong. Pets do suffer from sunburn, especially those with pink skin and short coats or white ears and pink noses. Pets that have  recently had a summer cut or have been shaved for surgery are also at higher risk. Hairless breeds like Sphynx and Mexican Hairless […]

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Dandruff on your dog: what you can do

Dandruff on your dog isn’t something you might feel comfortable with taking to the vet. She’ll think you’re fussing about nothing, that you’re making a big deal about a silly cosmetic issue. Not true. Dandruff-like debris on your dog’s coat could be the sign of a condition that goes beyond simple cosmetics. And if it is […]

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Dandruff on dogs: what you should do

Dandruff is not something we generally associate with pets and if you do notice it, perhaps you’ve felt silly bringing it up with your vet. But you should. Dandruff-like debris could be the sign of a condition that goes beyond simple cosmetics. And if it is ordinary dandruff,  there are things you can do at […]

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Lumps and bumps should not be ignored

Lumps and bumps on your dog or cat often appear as your pet ages. But because they’re small (at first) and don’t appear to be causing your pet any discomfort, you ignore them. “Oh, it’s just a little wart,” you might say, or “It’s just a funny little fatty thing on his tummy. Really no […]

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