Yeast infections in dogs: what to look out for

Yeast infections in dogs are quite common and can occur anywhere on the skin,  including the ears.  A yeast infection happens when there’s an excessive amount of yeast in a certain area but they are usually are caused by an underlying issue; anything that diminishes the normal defences in the skin can make yeast infections […]

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Itchy ears and weepy eyes

Itchy ears are a common complaint in dogs. Certain breeds like Spaniels with their long ears and Labradors that like to swim, are more at risk. Itchy ears: symptoms to look out for • Repeated, vigorous scratching of the ear • Discharge • Bad smell from the ears Itchy ears: diagnosis and treatment It’s absolutely […]

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My dog’s ear is swollen: what’s the cause?

My dog’s ear is swollen, red and soft to the touch. What’s causing this? An othaematoma is the fancy name for a collection of blood in between the two layers of cartilage in the ear. It can usually be seen and felt as a soft to firm swelling of the ear. Dogs with upright ears […]

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Ear mites in pets: what to look out for

Ear mites in pets are unpleasant for pet owners (they usually result in smelly ears) and sore and uncomfortable for pets. Unfortunately, not all pets display obvious symptoms so vigilance is necessary to detect and then treat them. Ear mites affect both dogs and cats, though they are more frequent in cats. Ear mites in […]

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Keeping your dog safe in the water

Does your dog love to swim? Does he or she plunge into the pool at every opportunity? Some dogs, like Labradors, are genetically drawn to water whereas others are either afraid of it or find swimming very difficult, like Pugs and Corgis. Whether your dog swims in your pool at home or plunges into the […]

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Ear infections in dogs: facts not fiction

Ear infections in dogs are more common than pet owners may think. And, unfortunately, there are several myths around them that could exacerbate recurrent infections. 5 facts to fight the fiction MYTH All ear infections are the same; I can use the same medicine I used the last time. FACT Your vet needs to examine […]

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Why does my dog shake his head?

This might seem like a really silly question but it is something dogs do quite often and many owners do wonder what it means, especially if the shaking becomes a regular habit. Firstly, shaking is a brilliant way for dogs to get something out of their ears that shouldn’t be there. The forces generated by […]

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Deafness in pets: what you can expect

Deafness is perhaps not something one associates all that often with pets. However, there are more than 30 breeds of dogs that have a known susceptibility for deafness and it affects cats too. Dog breeds most often affected include: the Boston Terrier, Australian Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Jack Russell, Maltese, Toy and Miniature […]

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Ear infections in dogs

Ear infections in dogs are a common ailment in South Africa, especially in summer when many dogs like to swim. Labradors and spaniels (water-loving dogs) are most vulnerable. Water in the ears is a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.   Signs and symptoms Common signs of ear infections are ear scratching and head shaking.  The ear […]

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