Multiple organ conditions

Cats vomiting: what’s normal, what isn’t

Cats vomiting is not unusual, but it can also be a sign of disease so cat owners need to know what’s normal and what isn’t.   When it occurs more than two times a month, if the frequency is increasing, or if your cat is losing weight, it needs to be investigated. Cats vomiting: possible causes There […]

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My pet is always thirsty: what’s the problem?

My pet is always thirsty. She drinks wherever she finds water, even from the pond and my glass. If dogs or cats are emptying their water bowls quickly or searching for water at places they don’t usually, such as the swimming pool or outside pond, they are most likely experiencing ‘polydipsia’ or excessive thirst. This […]

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Older dogs need regular vet checks

Older dogs, like people, begin to suffer a range of illnesses as they age. Many  of these ailments aren’t detected until they are far advanced which means treatment is probably going to cost a lot and success is not guaranteed. That’s why veterinarians the world over encourage owners of older dogs to plan for regular […]

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My dog is vomiting – is this normal?

Vomiting episodes are fairly common with dogs. However, if the vomiting continues (more than one isolated episode) or there is a noticeable decline in a dog’s overall health, it’s essential to take action. What could be causing the vomiting? These are the 5 most common conditions that contribute to vomiting. They can be dangerous and […]

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