Microchipping saves the day

Microchipping is a quick and easy, painless and relatively cheap procedure yet there are still pet owners who neglect to have it done, or are reluctant to do it. Here’s a story that should convince you of its benefits. Microchipping: how it saved this cat’s life Ten months ago, Alet Willers had her prized Maine […]

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What to do if your cat is urinating in the house

Your cat is urinating or spraying in the house and you don’t know why. Firstly, understand that this is a common issue among cat owners. Secondly, accept that there are many reasons why a cat will do this. It is important to isolate the reason before you can take action. Reasons why your cat is […]

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Your A-Z of cat care

This A – Z of cat care is not a definitive document; it is merely intended as a guide to help you navigate cat parenthood. The basics, at least, are covered and we will update it from time to time, as required. Enjoy every minute of your favourite feline; a cat makes the most wonderful […]

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How to give your pet a pill painlessly

Pet parents the world over experience the same stomach-churning anxiety when it comes to giving medication to their dogs and cats. You know you’re in for a fight and that you, the parent, are likely to come off worst. Giving oral medication to a cat or dog is a huge challenge but there are simple ways […]

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