heart disease

Small breed dogs and heart disease

Small breed dogs with heart disease is not uncommon. In fact, heart disease is fairly common among dogs in general but small dogs and big dogs generally suffer different types.  There are two main types: valvular heart disease which affects small breeds and dilated cardiomyopathy which affects large breed dogs. These diseases are quite different […]

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Heart disease and pets: how you can help

Heart disease is usually associated with human beings and many pet owners don’t realise their pets are at risk too. In fact, its one of the most common illnesses we see in companion animals. All breeds can be affected – though some are genetically pre-disposed – and the incidence increases dramatically with age. February is […]

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Heart disease: please check your pet

Heart disease is one of the most common illnesses we see in companion animals. All breeds can be affected and the incidence increases dramatically with age. It’s heart month. Now is the perfect time to have your pet checked by your vet. Here’s what you need to know: Large breed dogs (especially Dobermans and Boxers) are predisposed to what […]

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