Behaviour changes in senior dogs

Behaviour changes in senior dogs are usually as a result of age-related diseases. These diseases include arthritis, dental disease, cancer, diabetes, and other endocrine diseases. Additionally, dogs can develop canine cognitive dysfunction, a syndrome that is similar...

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Eye contact with your pet is important

Eye contact teaches your dog to focus attention on you and check in with you regularly. When you teach your dog to look you in the eye, you're making you more interesting than his environment and are therefore more easily able to control his behaviour, especially when...

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Fearful dogs: how you can help

Fearful dogs show a range of behaviours - from hiding when there is thunder to attacking other dogs they meet on a walk. Understanding what causes their fear will help you to help them overcome it. Rule number one: never, ever punish a dog that is aggressive or...

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How to read your cat’s mood

How to read your cat's mood is something most cat owners will tell you is impossible. Notoriously elusive and hard to fathom, most cat owners simply accept that they'll never understand them while continuing to administer to their every whim. How to read your cat's...

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Why do some dogs bark more than others?

Why do some dogs bark more than others is a question that plagues most dog owners, or neighbours of dog owners. Your dog is fine when you're at home but the moment you go out, he barks non-stop. You know because your angry neighbour has told you. Or maybe your dog...

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Are you the right owner for that dog?

Are you the right owner for that dog you're smitten with? Adopting a dog is something most of us do at some point in our lives, and usually because we’re beguiled by the cuteness of a puppy. You may adopt a dog as a Christmas or birthday gift for your children, or...

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