Fearful dogs: how you can help

Fearful dogs show a range of behaviours - from hiding when there is thunder to attacking other dogs they meet on a walk. Understanding what causes their fear will help you to help them overcome it. Rule number one: never, ever punish a dog that is aggressive or...

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My dog ate rat poison: what should I do?

My dog ate rat poison. What should I do? If you suspect that your dog got hold of rat poison, do not wait to get it to the vet. Go immediately. Even if it was just a tiny bit, or even if you’re not entirely sure whether your pet ingested it, please still take your dog...

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Pets in pain: what to look out for

Pets in pain are different to humans in pain. While we vocalise our pain, they go to the other extreme, hiding their pain to protect themselves from predators. However, rehabilitation and pain management specialist Dr Janice Huntingford says knowing what to look for...

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