My dog ate rat poison: what should I do?

My dog ate rat poison. What should I do? If you suspect that your dog got hold of rat poison, do not wait to get it to the vet. Go immediately. Even if it was just a tiny bit, or even if you’re not entirely sure whether your pet ingested it, please still take your dog...

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Country Animal Clinic reopens

Country Animal Clinic reopens on Saturday, June 27 after a week's closure due to a staff member testing positive for COVID-19. Here is a statement from senior veterinarian, Dr Ingrid de Wet: "We have been following the guidelines for essential workers exposed to a...

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Veterinarian Dr Pol accused of negligence

Veterinarian Dr Pol, star of the hugely popular TV show 'The Incredible Dr Pol', has been placed on professional probation for negligence. American veterinarian Jan Pol, 77, who claims to have attended to more than 20 000 animals, was accused of negligence after...

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A green future for Country Animal Clinic

A green future is what we all hope for rather than the mountains of plastic we're drowning under but in order to reach that goal, we all need to do our bit. At Country Animal Clinic we're committing to a green future. We want to see our children grow up in a world...

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Meet your pet’s vet: Dr Rosali

Meet Your Pet's Vet is our series of biographical profiles on the veterinarians at our clinics who love taking care of your pets. We love getting to know the pet parents who come to us, and we hope that by getting to know us too you'll feel at home and happy to visit...

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