Mandela Day 2020: saving pets’ lives

Mandela Day 2020 will be remembered for many different reasons with Covid-19 top of mind for most people. For animal lovers, it’s our chance to really make a difference. A difference that truly counts.

Each year EberVet Community Veterinary Care partners with an animal welfare organisation somewhere in the Western Cape or Karoo to sterilise as many pets as we can on July 18. This year, working with The Outreach Program (TOP) in the Helderberg, we’ve set our target at 200 pets! Participating EberVet Petcare Group clinics include Cottage Vet, EberVet Pet Clinic and Country Animal Clinic.

Mandela Day 2020: it’s dogs like this that we’re working to save

Mandela Day 2020: who benefits?

It is a sad reality that across South Africa there are thousands upon thousands of pets struggling to stay alive; pets from impoverished homes whose owners can’t or don’t feed them properly. And when these pets produce offspring (which they will several times a year unless sterilised) the need for nutrition becomes even more desperate. Take a look at this video produced by TOP to see who we’ll be helping

It’s these pets that EberVet CVC wants to help. And this year the need is greater than ever as thousands of pet owners have lost their jobs due to Covid-19.

How it works

Mandela Day is celebrated annually across South Africa on July 18 and the idea is that every person devote 67 minutes of their time to helping the less fortunate.  This year is likely to be quite different as people continue, by and large, to practice social distancing.

However, as designated ‘Essential Service Providers’, veterinarians are able to work and so our Mandela Day 2020 will be devoted to our sterilisation outreach clinic with TOP. We’ll bring on board as many vets as we can, working in shifts, and as many EberVet staff as possible will get involved providing nursing assistance, logistics and marketing. Our EberVet Vetshops will be collecting food, leads, collars, parasite control, blankets and any other donations that could make an animal’s life more comfortable. There’s no doubt everyone will be donating a lot more than 67 minutes to this initiative, but we think that for animals, it’s absolutely worth it.

Mandela Day 2020 can only be a success with your help. While our vets are devoting their skills, and our support staff their time and energy, we need you to help us raise the funds we need to pay for the anaesthetic drugs, for the vaccinations and all the other ancillary costs that make us an outreach clinic of this size.

There are two ways to donate: via The Outreach Program or via this website (find the donate button on the home page).

Here are TOP’s banking details:

Banking details:
First National Bank
Account Name: The Outreach Program,
Account Number: 628 5177 8864
Branch code: 250655
Email proof:

In this awful year of Covid-19, let’s do something positive; let’s make a real difference. Let’s save lives – together.


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