Nieu Bethesda spay triumph for CVC

May 16, 2024 | COMMUNITY IMPACT PROJECTS, Sterilisation

Nieu Bethesda is a tiny, isolated town in the Great Karoo with a large animal population in desperate need of veterinary support. So when our EberVet Community Veterinary Care (CVC) team was approached by resident animal lover Victoria Nance for help with pet sterilisation, we jumped at the change. Sterilisation is an important part of the work that we do at EberVet and when we can assist isolated rural communities, even more so.

Through our combined efforts with Victoria, we managed to secure funding for the surgery and medical support and the generous residents of Nieu Bethesda opened their homes and restaurants to our team. In three days we managed to sterilise 19 horses and 85 dogs and cats, a huge number for such a small team.

Nieu Bethesda pets: happier and healthier

Sterilisation of cats and dogs not only prevents unwanted litters, it also protects against cancers like mammary and testicular cancer and sexually transmitted disease. And when there is little food to go round, as in the case in poor communities, the fewer mouths to feed the better.

On day one, EberVet CVC veterinarian Dr Bennie Grobler, with the assistance of EberVet colleagues, sterilised 18 stallions, no mean feat when one considers the size and strength of horses. Sterilising, or gelding, stallions also protects them from injury as when mares are on heat they fight. It was a tough ask but all went according to plan, and when another horse arrived the following day, Dr Bennie did that one too.

Days 3 and 4 were devoted to cats and dogs. The CVC team whipped through the numbers at record speed and Dr Bennie performed an incredible two amputations on dogs with badly broken legs. Without his intervention, these dogs would have continued to suffer unbearable pain. All cats and dogs sterilised were also protected against ticks and fleas and given bags of food to take home.

Our team travelled hundreds of kilometres to Nieu Bethesda but all agreed every kilometre was worth it, knowing that the animals in this tiny town have a healthier, happier life to look forward to.

Our grateful thanks to Victoria and her team and the people of Nieu Bethesda for hosting us and for caring so passionately about the animals in your town. These animals now have a fighting chance.


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