Why cats attack when stroked

Why cats attack when stroked lovingly by their owners is a mystery to most feline lovers, especially when the cat has approached you for affection and attention in the first place. But, if you have ever had your cat snuggle up to you on the couch then nip at your hand...

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Fearful dogs: how you can help

Fearful dogs show a range of behaviours - from hiding when there is thunder to attacking other dogs they meet on a walk. Understanding what causes their fear will help you to help them overcome it. Rule number one: never, ever punish a dog that is aggressive or...

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How to read your cat’s mood

How to read your cat's mood is something most cat owners will tell you is impossible. Notoriously elusive and hard to fathom, most cat owners simply accept that they'll never understand them while continuing to administer to their every whim. How to read your cat's...

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