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COVID-19: the EberVet response

COVID-19 is a serious threat to communities across South Africa and the EberVet Petcare Group believes it is our duty to our clients and our employees to institute a responsible plan of action that will minimise risk at our clinics and Vetshops. Therefore, the EberVet Petcare Group – comprising Country Animal Clinic, EberVet Pet Clinic, […]

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Will the Coronavirus affect my pets?

Will the Coronavirus affect my pets? This is a question more and more pet owners are asking as the virus spreads across the globe. The World Veterinary Association confirmed that a dog in Hong Kong had tested positive for COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The dog belonged to a 60-year-old  woman who is currently in isolation and being […]

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Rabies: 100% fatal, 100% preventable

Rabies is not a ‘farm animal’ disease; all mammals are at risk of rabies and in South Africa, more dogs carry rabies than any other animal. That’s why veterinarians are urging pet owners to please vaccinate their pets. You might think you’re safe in the suburbs but rabies is endemic in SA. It knows no […]

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My dog is vomiting – is this normal?

Vomiting episodes are fairly common with dogs. However, if the vomiting continues (more than one isolated episode) or there is a noticeable decline in a dog’s overall health, it’s essential to take action. What could be causing the vomiting? These are the 5 most common conditions that contribute to vomiting. They can be dangerous and […]

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Living with Feline Leukaemia: a guide for cat owners

Mention the words ‘Feline Leukaemia’ to any cat owner and you’ll see instant panic on their faces.  For many owners, this disease spells ‘early death’ for their beloved felines. However, cat specialist veterinarian Dr Glenn Olah, says with proper management by the owner and healthcare from the veterinary team, cats with this retrovirus can live […]

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Rabies and your pets: what you need to know

Rabies is endemic in South Africa yet few pet owners appreciate the dangers to city and suburban pets. “We still tend to think of rabies as a disease found on farms, and that is spread by jackals and other wildlife,” says veterinarian Dr Hilldidge Beer. The reality though is that in South Africa 99% of […]

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Rabies: what you need to know

Rabies kills one person every 10 minutes somewhere in the world. This fatal viral infection is most common in Asia and Africa but is 100% preventable. Jackals, mongooses and bat-eared foxes are common rabies carriers although all mammals are susceptible. The virus is transmitted through the saliva of infected animals, either when they bite, or […]

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Department of Health COVID-19 updates available at

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