COVID-19: the EberVet response

COVID-19 is a serious threat to communities across South Africa and the EberVet Petcare Group believes it is our duty to our clients and our employees to institute a responsible plan of action that will minimise risk at our clinics and Vetshops.

Therefore, the EberVet Petcare Group – comprising Country Animal Clinic, EberVet Pet Clinic, EberVet Vetshops and EberVet Community Veterinary Care – is doing everything in its power to ensure that our clinics and vetshops remain as safe as possible.

COVID-19: What EberVet is doing

As of today, we are implementing the following:

* All clinic and Vetshop door handles, counter tops, reception areas and any surfaces used by more than one person will be disinfected repeatedly throughout the day.

* Credit card machines will be disinfected after every use. Clients will be asked to insert their credit cards themselves.

* Clinic appointments will be staggered with sufficient intervals to minimise contact in waiting rooms.

* Non-essential services, such as our Country Pet Spa, will be closed for a month from Wednesday, the 18th.

What our clients can do

* Call ahead for medication and pet food orders to minimise waiting times.

* Leave pets in the car while you check in at reception.

* Have someone else bring your pets to see us if you yourself are not well.

* If you are worried about your pet’s health, call and speak to our vet first so that she can determine whether your concern warrants a clinic visit.

* Should you choose to wait in the car with your pet until our vet is ready to see him/her, please let us know you are waiting outside and we will fetch you when it is your pet’s turn.

*Please make use of the powerful veterinary disinfectant F10 which we will have on all clinic reception and Vetshop counters.

We will continue to update you regarding clinic and Vetshop practices while the virus is in South Africa.

Please remember: Pets DO NOT pose a Covid-19 risk. They cannot transmit the virus, nor are they at risk should you contract it.





Department of Health COVID-19 updates available at


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