Hotspots in dogs: what causes them?

Hotspots in dogs are a common summer complaint and they can be frustrating to treat. A hotspot is the common name for a superficial moist dermatitis; anything that causes itchiness and inflammation of the skin or a small wound in the skin creates the environment for...

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Cataracts in pets

Cataracts in pets occur for several reasons, the most common one being hereditary. Breeds like Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, French Poodles and Boston Terriers are at higher risk. Cataracts: what are they? The function of the lens in the eye is to focus and...

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My cat is ill, what will the vet do?

My cat is ill but how will the vet know what is wrong? Cats are notoriously good at hiding symptoms of sickness so what can the vet do to find out what's ailing her? Dr Ingrid explains what a thorough examination entails. My cat is ill: fact-finding Cats can’t tell us...

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Meet your pet’s vet: Dr Rosali

Meet Your Pet's Vet is our series of biographical profiles on the veterinarians at our clinics who love taking care of your pets. We love getting to know the pet parents who come to us, and we hope that by getting to know us too you'll feel at home and happy to visit...

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