Wet food or dry food for cats?

Wet food in a tear open pouch is to my cat what a sushi platter is to me. Pure heaven. But since all the advertisements out there tell me my cat only needs dry food - and my boy has put on far too much weight lately - I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't be changing...

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Grieving over a pet? We’re here to help

Grieving is something every one of us will experience in our lifetime, whether through the loss of a family member, friend or pet. Yet many of us are surprised by the depth of our grief when a pet dies. We knew it was coming (we generally outlive our pets) but now...

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Snail bait poisoning in dogs

Snail bait poisoning (Metaldehyde poisoning) in dogs can lead to respiratory failure and death if not treated urgently. For most of us Spring brings pure joy; warmer weather and new growth everywhere. But, as buds and bulbs spring into action, so do snails and slugs...

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Cataracts in pets

Cataracts in pets occur for several reasons, the most common one being hereditary. Breeds like Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, French Poodles and Boston Terriers are at higher risk. Cataracts: what are they? The function of the lens in the eye is to focus and...

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Overweight pets suffer serious health risks

Overweight pets are increasingly common the world over, and in South Africa. Why? Because most pet owners show their love for their pets by overfeeding or handing out treats. So much so that obesity in dogs and cats has become the number one health problem experienced...

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Pets in pain: what to look out for

Pets in pain are different to humans in pain. While we vocalise our pain, they go to the other extreme, hiding their pain to protect themselves from predators. However, rehabilitation and pain management specialist Dr Janice Huntingford says knowing what to look for...

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