Mandela Day 2020 exceeds expectations

Mandela Day 2020 was the fourth mass sterilisation outreach clinic hosted by EberVet Community Veterinary Care but this year it went far beyond our expectations.

  The Outreach Program’s Samantha Mann brings a dog in for neutering

Dr Gareth Bain of Helderberg Animal Welfare gave up his Saturday to help our project


Anuschka de Gouveia of Country Animal Clinic helps with pre-meds

Dr Susan van Niekerk of EberVet Pet Clinic at her makeshift surgical table

When we set our target for the day, we hoped to sterilise 67 dogs and cats from Nomzamo/Lwandle but, thanks to the enthusiasm of our vets and their support teams, we got to 102! And even better, pet owners were so excited by the event another 100 signed up for sterilisation. Their animals will be taken to EberVet Pet Clinic in Strand over the next few weeks.

Mandela Day 2020: the teams

No sterilisation outreach can happen without animal welfare organisations and this year we were blessed with some of the best: The Outreach Program (TOP), Helderberg Animal Rescue Team (HART) and Pets Empowerment in Townships (PETS). These incredible teams worked with huge reserves of energy and enthusiasm to make this day a success – from signing up and collecting pets to setting up the venue (no small feat), collecting and repacking donated food, nursing post-op pets and then taking them home again. Our grateful thanks to Samantha Mann, Louise Spagnuolo and Yolande van Wyk for their hard work and dedication. Thanks to them, more than 200 dogs and cats will live healthier, happier lives.

Dr Esmaré van der Walt of EberVet Pet Clinic

The EberVet Pet Clinic team packing donated food for the sterilised pets

Lily, dog number 67, being readied for anaesthetic by volunteer Janion Latier of Greyton Animal Welfare

Veterinary nurses Srs Jeanette and Hildegarde preparing anaesthetics

Our thanks also to EberVet CVC veterinarians Drs Hilldidge Beer, Esmaré van der Walt, Susan van Niekerk, Ingrid de Wet and Carina di Sibio, and to Dr Gareth Bain from Helderberg Animal Welfare for donating their surgical skills to this big project. Facilities were rudimentary at best but the doctors soldiered on, insisting on continuing past 67 animals when they heard how great the need was.

Thanks for the support

Of course no Mandela Day happens without the support teams and we were abundantly blessed in this regard with ambulance teams, nursing teams, post-op teams and teams manning the parasite control station.

We’re were also more than abundantly blessed with mountains of donated pet food which enabled us to send every sterilised pet home with a big bag of nutritious, high quality food that will help with post-op recovery. Our grateful thanks to VetsBrands, Hill’s, Royal Canin, Ultra Dog, Acana and Pet’s Elite and to Ascendis for dewormers and flea control.

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