Mandela Day 2019

Mandela Day 2019 was a mixed bag for the EberVet Group but with one goal in mind: bettering the lives of pets from impoverished homes.

Sophia Davids of EberVet Vetshop Stone Square packing food for welfare pets

Weeks before the day, our EberVet Vetshops started collecting pet food donations which were then either re-bagged into smaller bags for handing out in impoverished areas, or donated directly to animal welfare organisations. Blankets, treats and dewormers were also donated.

In spite of the dismal weather, two of the Vetshop teams (Caledon and Lion Square) accompanied welfare organisations into informal settlements to distribute the food and blankets. The Voice SA’s Soné Joubert was in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village with Lion Square manager Eileen van der Watt and said it was an incredible experience for her, and she’d happily go again. Soné has committed to helping underprivileged pets wherever she can.

The Voice SA’s Soné Joubert hands out pet food in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village

Across the mountain, Caledon Vetshop’s Alese du Toit accompanied Caledon Animal Welfare to distribute food and blankets to poor pets there. Actively going into these areas not only assists the animals on the day but also alerts animal welfare to other issues pet owners may need help with, and to cases of cruelty and neglect.

At Country Animal Clinic and EberVet Pet Clinic, welfare pets were brought in for hugely discounted spays and vaccinations, and sent home with food parcels and blankets too. Two little Maltese poodles, their coats filthy and knotted, were groomed at no cost by Country Pet Spa and their teeth were cleaned by the Country vets later that week.

These two little ragamuffins were given a bath and haircut by Country Pet Spa’s Lorraine Wessels


For the EberVet Petcare Group, Mandela Day creates the perfect opportunity to show that we care about ALL animals, regardless of their owner’s income status.