Basic health clinic offers cheaper rates

Basic, or primary, health services are the cornerstone of veterinary clinics. The focus of basic care is preventing illnesses before they occur. Preventive clinic services include vaccinations, parasite control (ticks, fleas, deworming), nutrition advice, general health checkups, sterilisations (spays and neutering) and microchipping.

At EberVet Pet Clinic at 100 Altena Road, Strand we provide these services at up to 50% less than usual veterinary charges. Why?

“The Helderberg region reflects vast disparities in income. If we want more pet owners to be able to take proper care of their pets, we need to be able to cater to all income groups,” says EberVet CEO Dr Hilldidge Beer.

“We’re providing services for pet owners who sit in the middle of the income spectrum – those that cannot afford high end private health care yet also don’t qualify for welfare assistance,” Dr Beer says.

Why is basic care important?

The emphasis in basic health care is on prevention because many of the illnesses that end up in veterinary surgeries could have been avoided had there been proper preventive care.

“If your pets get the right nutrition, exercise, and their basic health needs met they have fewer illnesses requiring expensive veterinary intervention later on,” Dr Beer points out.

Additional clinic services

Though our emphasis is on preventive care, EberVet Pet Clinic offers a wide range of additional, more sophisticated services too. “We will always be sensitive to the client’s financial position when we offer different diagnostic and medical/surgical treatments and try to accommodate them where we can,” says the clinic’s veterinarian Dr Renée Perold.

These services include:

  • Geriatric checks
  • Medical work ups: blood tests sent to pathology laboratory, in-house glucose tests, blood smears, urinalysis, faecal analysis, skin and ear scrapes and smears.
  •  Diagnostics including abdominal Ultrasound, endoscopy (looking into the dog/cat’s stomach), tracheas copy (looking down the dog/cat’s airpipe to look for foreign bodies/inflammation/growths/discharges and taking samples via a small scope called a V-scope).
  • Medical treatments such as intestinal problems/infections/biliary/skin &ear problems/heart disease/joint problems/trauma or accidents/allergic reacions/bite wounds.
  • We can stabilise and treat an animal in shock, drip and hospitalise as needed, but if the pet needs x-rays or 24-hour monitoring, we will refer it to the appropriate clinics. We also treat animals with other organ problems eg liver, kidney or pancreas problems as well as metabolic disorders like diabetes, Cushings (dogs with too much cortisol in their bodies).
  • Surgical treatments including Caesareans, removal of a diseased uterus (pyometras), removal of ovarian and testicular tumours and internal testicles, soft tissue surgery like hernia repairs, intestinal surgery to remove obstructions, removal of spleens that contain tumours or that have ruptured, cystotomies (bladder stone removal), most abdominal surgery that is not on specialist level, removing chronically problematic anal sacs, enucleation (removal of diseased eye if not curable), treatment of chronic corneal (eye) ulcers with third eyelid flaps, skin – tumour and other growth removals, wound reconstruction, skin flaps and grafts, grass seed removal, removal of ears and nose of cats with cancer of these areas, skin fold re-section of dogs with excessive nasal folds eg Pekinese/Boston Terriers, tail folds, around eyes eg Sharpeis and lips e.g. Spaniels.
  • Orthopaedic surgery. Due to our limitations in taking pre-and post-operative x-rays, we do not offer complicated orthopaedic surgery eg fracture repairs. We can, however, do knee ligament replacements (cruciate ligament repair), patella luxation repair, hip joint amputation if luxated due to trauma (after being send for x-ray elsewhere), as well as amputaion of a severely affected/damaged limb.
  • Exotics. We sterilise rabbits, guinea pigs and offer wing, beak and nail clipping of birds.

Our services will soon include dental work and other oral treatments such as scaling and polishing, dental extractions including complicated extractions where bone must be removed and gap closed with a gingival flap. We will also offer dental filing in dogs that are prone to biting other dogs in the household to minimise the degree of wound damage,  oral tumour removals and tonsillectomies.

“My strongest desire is to reach as many pet owners as possible and to help their pets live long and healthy lives,” says Dr Beer.

Ebervet Pet Care Clinic can be reached on 021 854 3275