Betty’s Bay fire victim receives treatment at Country Animal Clinic

Betty’s Bay fires severely injured a young Grysbok, who was found by Wynland firemen and brought to EberVet’s Country Animal Clinic for emergency treatment.

The tiny Grysbok, who has not yet reached adulthood, was handed over to paramedics Wardi de Wet and Riaz Arendse of ER24 who drove him in their ambulance to EberVet’s Country Animal Clinic in Somerset West.

Veterinarians Dr Rosali Bruggemann and Dr Tiaan Visser were on call for the Helderberg area and immediately began treatment on the severely burned buck. His hooves were burnt to the bone on all four limbs, he has facial burns and was severely dehydrated.

The veterinarians treated and bandaged his burns, put him on a drip and gave him painkilling medication. Wildlife experts were contacted for advice on how to treat him, as the first 24 hours are critical.

Having survived the night in our clinic, the bokkie (now nicknamed Bambi) was taken into the home of our veterinarian Dr Adri Rossouw who was soon able to coax the little bokkie into eating. He drank enthusiastically from a bottle.

Within hours, he was up and walking again on his bandaged feet but the road to recovery will be a long one and only time will tell how well he recovers.

Country Animal Clinic’s Facebook followers shared Bambi’s story more than 1 500 times, reaching more than 177 000 people proving that everyone loves a good news story – especially animal lovers.

We will continue to care for the Grysbok until his health has significantly improved.