Country Animal Clinic Dog Walk 2017

Country Animal Clinic would like to say a great big thank you to our many wonderful clients and sponsors who made our first ever Dog Walk possible. What fun we had!

The EberVet team was up early to prepare water points, marshalling stations, registration and, of course, to ensure the prizes were wrapped and waiting to be handed out.






Then we welcomed our celebrity guest for the day: television presenter Lizma van Zyl. Lizma is the host of the popular KykNet series, Hond se Gedagtes, and she’s as passionate about animals as we are. Not only did she present our prizes on the day, she also walked with us!

The walk wasn’t strenuous, just 3km but oh such beautiful views. And our wonderful clients (and our own staff) heard our call and dressed in EberVet colours – red, white and blue. Some really went to town!

Why Country Animal Clinic Walked

Our Dog Walk was held in our 20th birthday month in aid of a very good cause: EberVet Community Veterinary Care, which runs outreach pet sterilisation clinics in impoverished areas. Every cent raised from our Dog Walk will go towards purchasing anaesthetics, vaccinations and sutures for these clinics.

Thousands of pets across South Africa receive no veterinary care because their owners can’t afford it, or because there are no vets in the towns and villages they live in and so their numbers continue to multiply. The more puppies and kittens there are, the more mouths to feed and the less likely they are to get the nourishment and care they need. That’s why we believe so passionately in sterilisation and that’s why EberVet CVC travels hundreds of kilometres each year to take veterinary care to these communities.

We do hope you will join us in our second Dog Walk next year!

(photography: Denise Kleinhans)