Meet our veterinarians

As a toast to International Women’s Day today (March 8), we’re celebrating the veterinarians at EberVet – all of them women.

From left to right: Dr Hilldidge Beer, Dr Adri Rossouw, Dr Ebeneze Ginsberg, Dr Ingrid de Wet, Dr Reneé Perold

Our CEO is Dr Hilldidge Beer. She no longer practices as a full-time veterinarian but devotes her clinical expertise to sterilising welfare pets at outreach clinics in impoverished settlements. Dr Beer travels thousands of kilometres each year throughout the Helderberg, Overberg and Karoo working with animal welfare organisations to sterilise pets in poor communities. She is also the owner of EberVet Vetshops and mom to two dogs, Stoffel and Nonna.

Dr Beer at a sterilisation outreach clinic

At Country Animal Clinic in Somerset West, we have three veterinarians headed up by Dr Ingrid de Wet. Dr De Wet is married to fellow veterinarian Dr Morné de Wet. She once dreamed of being a wildlife veterinarian but now loves nothing more than seeing a dog or cat walking out of our clinic with a waggy tail, knowing that a few days before it was desperately ill. Her year old daughter Elizabeth is a regular visitor at Country.

Dr De Wet and Elizabeth









If your animal is in need of serenading while he’s being anaesthetised, there’s no one better to do it than Dr Ebeneze Ginsberg, veterinarian by day and singer/songwriter by night. Look out for her first CD or catch her at Triggerfish Brewery at weekends. She’s also a keen swimmer and horse rider. Her passion is preventive medicine so she’s a great one for encouraging her patients’ parents to vaccinate!

Veterinarian Dr Ginsberg promotes preventive medicine

Dr Adri Rossouw never had any doubts about her career choice; she grew up surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes. This West Coast gal has taken to Somerset West life like a duck to water and is our ultrasound specialist. She has a young son, and two Golden Retrievers, a Maine Coon Cross Cat, and a guinea fowl as pets.

Dr Adri Rossouw (left) is our ultrasound guru

It was a job shadow that led her to her passion for veterinary science and Dr Reneé Perold has never doubted her vocation. It has been like ‘coming home’, she says. As our veterinarian at EberVet Pet Clinic in Strand, she holds a busy fort. The fast-growing community of very enthusiastic pet owners love the spirit she’s brought to the hospital. She’s a big softy too. Just ask Sweetie, the practice cat, who has this veterinarian wrapped very firmly around her paw. Never mind that the doctor has her own 10 animals at home.

Wrapped around the cat’s paw, veterinarian Dr Reneé Perold