Meet your Pet’s Vet: Dr Adri Rossouw

Meet Your Pet’s Vet is our series of biographical profiles on the veterinarians at our clinics who love taking care of your pets. We love getting to know the pet parents who come to us, and we hope that by getting to know us too you’ll feel at home and happy to visit our Clinics at any time.

Meet your Pet’s Vet: Dr Adri Rossouw of Country Animal Clinic.

Dr Adri grew up on a farm, surrounded by animals with a Dad who has a love for ‘all creatures great and small”. She was further inspired to choose veterinary science as a career path after reading James Herriot’s delightful veterinary stories. Dr Adri is our go-to vet when injured wildlife needs rehabilitation.

Dr Adri Rossouw

What motivates you to go above and beyond?

I know how much my pets mean to me and I try to treat all patients as I would treat my own pets. I also know how it feels when your take your children to a physician, or need to go to the doctor yourself, and get treated like ‘just another number’. My aim is to make every single patient and owner feel important and valued; to validate clients’ concerns and fears and find the best solution for everyone, but above all, provide the best care for the animal.


My goal with every patient visit is to show pet owners that I really, truly care about them and their pet

What can first time clients expect?

Being welcomed to the practice and introduced to the vet. We will ask for their pet’s full medical history and any special requirements, or concerns we need to know about. We want all of our clients after that first visit feeling that they would like to come back. When I’m introduced to a friendly, inquisitive pet I like to get down to eye level to greet them. With reserved, scared patients, I will give them room to familiarise themselves with this new environment, and try to win them over with treats. With cats, I try to leave them in their carrier if possible so that they have a safe environment that feels familiar.

Dr Adri is our on-site ultrasound specialist

Why is Country Animal Clinic so special?

  • We have an incredibly personal relationship with clients
  • Clients get helped on time
  • Our consultations and workups are thorough
  • We have good follow-up on patients
  • Our team is friendly and helpful. It is a team that works well together and strives daily to improve.

We have our own lab on site and our medical workups and blood tests are thorough. We also have on-site x-rays and ultrasound, which is my specialty. I’m proud of the nursing care in our hospital and that owners are kept well-informed at all times. They are contacted for updates and brought back for checkups.

Who makes up your family at home?

I currently share my house with my awesome husband, a very lively four-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl. On the furry family side we have two Golden Retrievers and a tabby cat and occasionally a foster animal that I’m rehabilitating. Most recently we’ve had a pig, a Bambi and a Genet in our home.

I want pet owners to feel that they and their pets have a personal relationship with us; that they feel that their and their pets’ needs are important to us and that we will go above and beyond to give them the best possible care.