New vet joins EberVet Pet Clinic

EberVet Pet Clinic in Strand welcomes Dr Renee Perold as its full time vet from January 23, 2017.

Dr Renee Perold

Dr Renee Perold

Dr Perold, who graduated in 2003, has transferred from Knysna where she worked in private practice and in animal welfare. Before her job in Knysna, she ran her own practice in Onrus for 9 years.

“My first introduction to a house pet was my grandparents’ Cocker Spaniel and I always imagined that she was mine when we visited them. So I would say my love for animals came from my grandparents,” says Dr Perold.

“When I did  job shadowing at our local vet, it was like ‘coming home’. I enjoyed watching and listening to the way he talked to the clients about their pets, the way he handled them, the surgery, and everything about the profession. I asked him if I could help at the clinic over the holidays and did so for two years. Those were my most enjoyable holidays!”

Dr Perold owned her first cat while studying at Onderstepoort, Pretoria and through the years (at Onrus mostly) more found their way into her home.  At the moment she and her partner have 8 cats and 2 dogs (an adopted cross German Shepherd/Sharpei – I think! and her friend is a thoroughbred German Shepherd). Spending time with her pets is how she relaxes; taking the dogs for walks/plays or swims, cuddling the cats.

“Otherwise I enjoy the outdoors. A variety of sport like jogging, canoeing, playing tennis or hiking. Indoors I like experimenting in the kitchen (cooking)!”

renee and cat

After graduating from Onderstepoort, Dr Perold kicked off her veterinary career at Panorama Veterinary Clinic (now a specialist centre).  She worked there for 2.5 years. “Then I went to the UK where I worked in London for 3 months, then in Kent at a Companion Care Clinic for a year. It was while there that I saw the advert for a veterinary clinic for sale in Onrus back in South Africa.”

That clinic belonged to EberVet CEO Dr Hilldidge Beer. Dr Perold bought the clinic in 2008 and was the sole owner and veterinarian there for nine years until she sold it and moved to Knysna where she worked in a private practice. “I also helped out at Knysna Animal Welfare.”

Dr Perold says the most satisfying part of her day is seeing an unhealthy, miserable patient and worried client leaving the practice healthy, happy and content/ relieved or hopeful.

“I enjoy making an accurate diagnosis and seeing a patient responding to the treatment.

“I love medicine and surgery, intensive care and making my patients comfortable in hospital and generally all things feline.”