Our new veterinarian, Dr Rosali Bruggemann

Having a dad as a veterinarian certainly helped Rosali Bruggemann map out her career. As a child she loved nothing more than helping him in his veterinary surgery in Margate, on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast. Her father still practices there.

“As a result of my early childhood experiences, I came to love small animal medicine and surgery,” she says. And so off she went to Onderstepoort to realise her dream of becoming a vet.

However, for her post-graduate community service year Rosali was sent to rural Mpumalanga. “I was quite apprehensive at first because the village of Tonga is very isolated, and my mother was very worried about me,” she laughs. However, Rosali soon came to love the people there.

“The State Vet had resigned just before I got there and two others had left so I ended up performing the duties of three vets. And I had to work with large animals, like cattle. It’s a very rural area and there are few veterinary services so people are so grateful when you can help them.

“The warmth and the encouragement of the community was wonderful,” Rosali says. She particularly enjoyed the outreach work, like school visits and vaccination and sterilisation clinics, and hopes to participate in EberVet Community Veterinary Care outreach clinics too.

In Mpumalanga, Rosali was housed on a litchi and mango farm. “It was delicious,” she says, “and what a wonderful family. I became very close to the Wybrows; they’re already coming to visit me here in Somerset West in a few months time.”

Rosali’s passion for small animal medicine and surgery and her fluency in German brought her to Country Animal Clinic in Somerset West, a thriving veterinary practice which focusses primarily on small animals. It has many German speakers as clients so Rosali will be in high demand.

Welcome Rosali. Our pets look forward to meeting you.

*Dr Bruggemann joins Country Animal Clinic on January 22 2018