Spring clean your pets!

When drawing up your list of Spring cleaning chores don’t forget to include your pets. There’s no point washing carpets and clearing out cupboards if your dogs and cats are carrying parasites, or their beds are harbouring dirt and fur.


Here’s our Spring cleaning list for pets:

  1. Ensure your pets’ vaccinations are up to date. Spring is puppy and kitten season and these little guys are most susceptible to highly contagious killer diseases like parvovirus and distemper. Vaccinate from the age of six to eight weeks (depending on the mother’s vaccination status).  A second vaccination is required at 10-12 weeks, a third at 12-16 weeks and then once a year thereafter. And don’t neglect rabies, even if you live in an urban area. Annual rabies vaccinations are recommended.cat vac
  2. Like humans, many pets suffer from seasonal allergies. If yours is prone to spring allergies ask your vet to prescribe the right medication and shampoos to bring relief. EberVet Vetshops stock Pro-Soothe for dogs with problem skin, Sebbaderm for serious skin conditions and Ricky Shampoo, an antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shampoo with Buchu that’s great for hotspots.
jack russel on flower meadow

Even if your dog doesn’t suffer allergies, as the weather warms he or she will need a bath. EberVet Vetshops have a wide range of shampoos that are gentle on the skin, even for puppies.

3. It’s as important to wash your pet’s beds and blankets regularly as it is to change your own bed linen. Or you could swap his or her winter bed for Wagworld’s K9 Camper which has a durable, water-resistant canvas cover that can be hosed down and gently scrubbed with soap. Because its water resistant it discourages fleas and other mites, and it great for wet dogs coming home from the beach.

4. Treat for ticks and fleas even if you can’t see them. Parasites love warmer weather and not all are visible to the naked eye. Ticks bring deadly biliary so do take care to eliminate them.

5. Provide plenty of clean, cool water wherever you are. Pets are easily dehydrated in summer, especially if they’re hiking or running on the beach.

6. Up your exercise routine. There really is no excuse not to get out and about now that the weather is warmer and exercise will help keep your pet’s weight in check and guard against illnesses like arthritis and heart conditions.

7. Add a Revitaliser humidifier to your home. Simply fill with fresh water, add a few drops of Revitaliser aromatherapy essential oil and plug in. It purifies the air and destroys bad odours so there’s no more doggy smell.

8. Protect your dog from nasty insect bites with Vital Protection’s new insecticide that can be safely sprayed onto all pet bedding, kennels, clothing and even on the dog itself. One application will last on treated textiles for three months.

9. Your pets will shed their winter coats as soon as the weather warms so be sure to brush them regularly. Our favourite brushes include the Zoom Groom which attracts loose hair like a magnet, the Furminator, the Undercoat Rake especially for Huskies and Malamutes and Matt Combs which help ‘cut’ matted hair from the dog’s coat without leaving a bald spot.

10. If your home menagerie includes hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits don’t forget to give their cages and hutches a good Spring clean too. We recommend F10SC a good veterinary disinfectant that kills all germs, making it a good overall disinfectant to use. Replace bedding regularly.

11. Now is a good time to replace well-chewed toys and treats and grubby collars and leads.

A clean pet is a happier, healthier pet so Spring into action now and summer’s yours to enjoy together.