Blood donor dogs save lives

Blood donor dogs are the heroes in our clinics. Like humans, some dogs are able to donate blood and those that do save dozens of lives each year. But, as with humans too, not every dog can donate. We’re looking for blood donors for our clinics.

If you’re interested in putting your pet forward, here is what you need to know:

Blood donor dogs: does my dog qualify?

  1. Dogs need to older than 1 year and younger than 8 years
  2. Dogs need to be more than 25kg
  3. Dogs need to be disease free and in good health
  4. Dogs need to have a body condition score between 2,5 and 3.5 (so no severely underweight or obese patients)
  5. Dogs need to have a good temperament (not anxious, aggressive etc)
  6. Needs to have up-to-date tick and flea treatment
  7. Their moms and dads need to be local and the doggie donor needs to be available for blood collection during working hours.

How blood donation works

If your dog meets the above criteria we need to do a free health assessment to ensure that he or she is a good candidate for blood collection and to explain the process.

When blood is required we will contact you to see if your dog is available for collection. Depending on the dog’s temperament he or she may need to be lightly sedated for the blood collection. They will be able to go home shortly after the blood donation.

They will receive a free health assessment on the day of blood collection as well as a free tick and flea prevention product as a reward for saving another dog’s life. They will also be added to the Heroes Wall in our clinic. Now who doesn’t want to see their dog a hero!

Dr Ingrid’s Alvin donated blood six times before his retirement

Dr Ingrid and Dr Morné’s dog Alvin recently retired after giving 6 blood donations in his lifetime. He is too old now but his donations saved many lives.

As Mrs Pamela Friskin-Ellis, a client at our Country Animal Clinic, recalls: “Blessed to count Dr Ingrid’s precious Alvin as my Bayley’s hero too. He saved her little spaniel life in August last year. Forever grateful to you all. I hope Alvin has a long and happy and well deserved retirement.”

If you’d like to discuss your dog becoming a blood donor, call us on 021 851 1500 to discuss.



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