Keep your pets, and your home, germ free

Germ protection is one of the most important aspects of pet ownership. Whether it’s keeping a wound clean, treating a skin condition or scrubbing a kennel, good pet hygiene is essential to his or her health.

There are, of course, literally hundreds of disinfectants on supermarket shelves these days but when it comes to pets we like to choose those that are specially formulated with pets’ special needs in mind. There are highly contagious viruses particular to dogs, for example, that ordinary disinfectants won’t kill so a germicide that prevents further contamination is needed.

At EberVet we’re big fans of the F10 range of veterinary disinfectants because they are used by veterinarians in veterinary surgeries, and in the field under the harshest conditions. It’s why we stock the range at our EberVet Vetshops.

Our own CEO, Dr Hilldidge Beer, uses F10 when she operates at her outreach sterilisation clinics in impoverished informal settlements.

The F10 range includes:

Germicidal Barrier Ointment for the treatment of bacterial or fungal skin conditions, open wounds, cuts, scratches and abrasions.

Bite wounds, puncture wounds, trauma wounds, and burn wounds; cuts/scratches/abrasions; hot spots/moist eczema; bacterial skin conditions; fungal & yeast conditions like cats and dogs’ ring worm.

Germicidal Treatment Shampoo is a medicated shampoo for the treatment of bacterial and fungal skin conditions like ringworm, eczema, hot spots and dermatitis. Is used to prevent cross-contamination and re-infestation.

Helps prevent secondary mange infections and in removing the deadly and highly contagious Parvovirus from the coat of a dog previously infected to prevent it spreading.

Germicidal wound spray with insecticide is for dogs only. Avoid contact with domestic cats. Excellent for treating open wounds, abscesses, moist eczema and for repelling flies and insects.

Safe to use as a fly and maggot repellent while promoting wound healing. It will also repel biting flies from the tips of dogs ears. Commonly used to treat burn wounds.

Disinfectant surface spray with insecticide is for dogs only. Avoid contact with domestic cats. This is great for keeping kennels, dusbins and even kitchens clean and fly-free.

Use on outside cages to prevent fly strike, to keep mosquitoes under control and in food prep and storage areas.

F10 is available at EberVet Vetshops.